Calculate Your Percentage Body Fat Level

The amount of body fat you carry will determine your body shape, weight and healthy in general. By measuring & knowing your body fat, you can tell if you are eating the right kind of food to maintain a healthy body

This calculator uses the US Navy Percentage Body Fat Formula to measure body fats

As with all body fat calculator, it is only an estimate but can give fairly accurate estimates for both males & females.

How to take the measurements...

Waist (Male) - Circumference at the level of the navel
Waist (Female) - Circumference at the level of least width
Neck - Circumference of neck, just below larynx with tape sloping slightly downward to the front.
Hips (Female) - Largest horizontal circumference around the hips

All measurements must be in Centimetres

Height Neck
Waist Hip*

* Required for Female

Your Body Fat Percentage :  

Description Female Male
Essential Fat 12 - 15% 2 - 5%
Athletes 16 - 20% 6 - 13%
Fitness 21 - 24% 14 - 17%
Acceptable 25 - 31% 18 - 25%
Obese > 32% > 25%