Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not convert any values?

Convert-XY requires javascript enabled for our site to work, so turn it on.

It should be one of the settings on your browser, usually somewhere in Tools -> Options

The converted values does not look right?

Although we try to make every attempt to get the conversion factors right, sometimes we will mess up.

If you would be kind enough to point us to the erroneous values, we will try and correct it.

What's up with IE6?

Oops... we don't support IE6 (noone does now), we suggest you upgrade your browser too! Download FireFox or Chrome

Can you add more conversions?

We can and will do. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to send them to us.

Can I add a link to Convert-XY?

:-) Sure! You can tell all your friends too!

Paste this link to your site or something similiar:

<a href=""> - onlinne conversion calculator</a>