Calculate Area Of A Triangle

The triangle is one of the basic geometric shapes in geometry. It has 3 sides with 3 vertices (corners). There are many types of triangles including Isoceles, Scalene, and Equilaterials, each with different properties or constraints.
  • Equilateral triangles have all equal sides or edges (hence 3 equal angles of 60°).
  • Isoceles triangles have 2 equal sides (and 2 equal angles).
  • Scalene triangles have 3 unequal sides (and unequal angles).
But the general formula to calculate the area of a triangle is...

Area = ½ x Base x Height

Where the height is the perpendicular/vertical height from its base side.

Enter any 2 inputs and the third will be calculated

Height (Perpendicular)

*All sides and height are in units (e.g. cm), and area will be in unit squares (e.g. cm2).